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The folding portable Stadium Seat that embraces overtime…..


The Orthoseat is an innovative portable stadium seat that takes bleacher or arena seating to the next level of comfort and style. It provides a winning combination of strength, durability, super comfortable stadium seating. Our Orthoseat folding Stadium Seat uses all the advantages of 21st century technology to make the rest of the seating industry sit up and take note. No longer will you feel like a hostage spectator, required to sit uncomfortably on hot or cold hard aluminum planking or splintered beat up weathered wooden boards.

Any sporting event is more enjoyable if you are sitting in comfort. The comfort level provided by our portable Orthoseat Stadium Chair is the best in it’s class.  Sitting is believing, and after sitting in our stadium seat you will understand why the ergonomic contour support of our chiropractic approved design will give patrons something to cheer about.

Orthoseat Stadium Seat and portable chair

Since only the “V” folding area of the Orthoseat Stadium Seat touches the cold aluminim or concrete bleacher, it keeps you away from the cold–something that competitors in this arena cannot claim.

Get your Orthoseat Stadium Seat and portable chair today!Enjoy the game in person while also enjoying the comfort of your living room recliner.

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