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A Camping Chair / Camping Seat that is truly portable…….

If you’re looking for portable folding camping chairs, check out the Orthoseat. Since 1989 the Orthoseat has been built to function as a superior quality camping chair and has revolutionized¬†lightweight, portable seating comfort¬†in the camping industry.. From heading out to the backcountry for hiking, fishing, canoeing or camping, the Orthoseat has a seating solution to fullfill your camping needs. Enjoy dry and comfortable seating in these cool folding camping chairs!

Camping is a great pasttime for families in America and it helps get your kids closer to nature. Many people enjoy the outdoors because it gets them away from the hectic lifestyles we all lead with too much work and not enough play. Camping is pretty cheap (maybe $20/night) and provides fond memories.
Many parents, however, shy away from camping opportunities because of a belief that camping equates to discomfort. Having a quality tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pads are essential parts of a camping trip. So is utilizing the Orthoseat as your portable camping chair.

Orthoseat portable camping chair or seat Orthoseat folding camping chairs feature innovative designs, quality materials, and meticulous attention to workmanship. They allow anyone to camp anywhere in luxury, regardless of their budget.

Our folding portable camping chairs are considered to be essential gear amoung professional outdoorsmen. For sportsmen, it is easily packed in and great for camping, fishing, or hunting.


Comments about the Orthoseat as a Camping Chair:

“Great purchase. Comfortable, light, idiot proof. All the other “portable” seats are really not portable at all, but at 1 1/2 pounds, yours makes the ideal “on the go” tiny camping chair with the comfort of a recliner.

“In addition to being comfy around camp, the Orthoseat also makes a great lounger for the lake. And I found the sherpa wool cover also rolls to make a great sleeping pillow at night. What a great way relax after a long day on the trail.”

“…A super piece of equipment!! Just the item needed to give your legs & feet a break at the end of a long hike. It is super-comfortable and durable. This chair is a wonderful alternative to sitting on rocks or logs while gathering around the campfire. Well worth the price it costs to get one.”


Get the perfect camping chair for your next adventure!

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