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The Beach Chair / Portable Folding Beach Seat with the comfort to last all day!

Do you have a big trip planned to the beach? How about the perfect folding portable beach chair to take with you? Nearly everyone loves the beach and what better way to enhance the experience than with a beach lounge chair? This ergonomic beach chair offers the most lounging comfort under the sun!


The Beach is just the kind of vacation retreat to soothe the spirit, mend the mind, and put life back in perspective. Or– bring the kids and put the “fun” back into the family, and let the rhythm of the ocean put the beat back into your life. Exercise and play, set aside time for the re-discovery of a hobby or pastime, seek out that long forgotten leisure activity, or just let go and enjoy the sandal culture. However, many avoid this wonderful activity due to discomfort. Let’s face it, after a couple of hours of laying on a blanket or squirming on one of those webbed or canvas folding beach chairs, you get the itch to head home.

Well, lazy days lying in the sun just got more comfortable! Unlike traditional bulky folding portable chairs, our ergonomic and chiropractor endorsed beach chair allows you to lie around to your heart’s delight. Order your Orthoseat beach chair today and start basking in total comfort!

Poolside or on the beach, the Orthoseat beach chair helps melt tension away.

For both poolside and beach use, the Orthoseat beach chair is medically endorsed and recommended by chiropractors! Get your Orthoseat Beach Chair NOW!

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