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Back pain relief from a portable folding chair?

The Orthoseat is the only Chiropractor Recommended Portable Roll Up Seat for recreational use offering back pain relief. In addition to the perfect recreational camping seatbeach seatfolding chairstadium seat and portable seat, let’s not forget the principles upon which the chair was designed. The OrthoSeat was designed primarily as a lumbar back support, back pain stress relief chair. Designed by Chiropractors, and sold in the offices of hundreds of Chiropractors throughout the USA, it remainOrthoseat Folding Portable Chairs first and foremost a therapeutic tool for those who suffer back pain.

The Orthoseat also offers excellent lower back support for pregnant women and for office workers who spend a lot of time sitting at desks and work stations. Thousands have been sold to over the road truck drivers to alleviate the back pain that is a trademark of the career. The wooden slats ole-folidng-seatf the Orthoseat contour and hug the body… no matter who uses it!

More than simply a recreational chair, it’s like a “spa experience” for those wFolding Beach Chair used as Boat Seatho suffer back pain!

If you’ve EVER had a bad back, thrown your back out, have driving discomfort, or encountered sciatica, you need to try the OrthoSeat.  By the very nature of its design, it places your back into the perfect seating position, thrusts your shoulders back, and eases you into the ideal “pelvic tilt”.  This means that your tailbone suffers no compression from sitting, as it never touches the chair.  With no downward pressure on your spine, you will feel relaxed, carefree and comfortable back support. 

Why give up the activities we enjoy the most? Some of the uncomfortable places we put ourselves,  are remedied by the back support of the OrthoSeat.

Enjoy the OrthoSeat by sitting firmly back into the seat so that the straps bring the back of the seat up snugly against the body, providing excellent strength and back support. The OrthoSeat contours around the back and bottom to bring comfort and relief in all sitting positions–from straight up to rocking or reclining on any flat surface.


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