Beach Chair, Stadium Chair, Folding Chair, Camping Chair…it the Orthoseat! 2019-04-16T11:05:36+00:00

Is it a Beach Chair, Stadium Seat, Folding Chair, or a Camping Chair?  The answer is YES!

The Folding Chair that goes Everywhere….The Orthoseat!

Beach Chair Stadium Chair and Camping Chair

You have discovered the world’s most versatile folding chair, the Orthoseat! And in addition to its multiple uses, it is also one of the most comfortable and supportive portable seats of any kind. Recommended by chiropractors and chiropractic organizations, it is also a wonderful source of back pain relief and discomfort.

A Folding Chair?

The Orthoseat Folding Chair is perfect for many daily uses, and there is NO chance that this is one of those many things that will end up stuck in your clOrthoseat Folding Chairoset. It has so many uses, you will keep it with you everytime you leave the house. And since it wraps into a small bundle that hangs from your back, it is the most convenient folding chair made to carry and keep with you at all times.

A Beach Chair?

How many times have you found yourself propping yourself up uncomfortably on a blanket, spread out on the sand at the beach, tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable? Well, our folding chair makes the perfect beach chair! Simply lean back and rock to the rhythm of the waves and enjoy perfect lumbar support while enjoying the sun and scenery.

A Portable Stadium Seat?

Have you ever had your legs go practically numb while sitting on cold bleachers watching football, baseball, soccer or any other similar event? Well our folding chair makes the perfect portable stadium seat. Just position yourself in our Orthoseat, lean back and be comfortable while others around you squirm to get warm or comfortable. Since your back or butt never touches the bleachers or stands, you remain insulated against the dampness and cold.

A Camping Chair?

Have you ever grabbed a seat on a rock or log near a campfire, only to find out when it’s time to rise to your feet, that they have lost all feeling? Well, the Orthoseat is the perfect camping chair. Just make sure you have your Orthoseat, and when its time for lights out, you will be the only one NOT to uncomfotably struggle to their feet

And how many times have you promised yourself that you would never sit on that cold hard sidewalk to watch the parade?

Folding Seats from OrthoseatsBeach chair, camping chair, folding chair, portable stadium seat, boat chair, parade chair, orthopedic seat, backpack chair……no matter what you call it, the Orthoseat is the perfect solution for those many moments when you’ve thought to yourself “I wish I had something comfortable to sit on”.

While it is not quite your favorite family room recliner, it IS the very best recliner that you can take with you anywhere. Try the portable and comfortable beach, er camping, er stadium folding chair & seat known as the Orthoseat. See why it is the rage in Japan, Australia, etc. and find out why over 100,000 satisfied customers have selected the Orthoseat right here in the USA in just a few short years!

The Orthoseat is the only product of its kind that also comes with a soft, comfortable, reversible nylon/soft wool cover, to comfort your back by keeping the wooden slats of the folding chair away from your back and legs—and it comes with a full Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warrantee.